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Children's duvet covers (6)

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Children's sheets (6)

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Children’s duvet cover white – 100 % Linen

All sizes Wooden buttons, coconut buttons, bows and zip optional

Children’s duvet cover white grey – 100 % Linen

All sizes Wooden buttons, coconut buttons, bows and zip optional

Pillowcase white grey – 100 % Linen

All sizes Wooden buttons, coconut buttons, bows and zip optional

Duvet cover white – 100 % Linen

All sizes Wooden buttons, coconut buttons, bows and zip optional

Sheets nature – 100 % Linen

All sizes Practical rubber band

Duvet cover white blue – 100 % Linen

All sizes Wooden buttons, coconut buttons, bows and zip optional
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100 % quality & handmade linen products

Linen bedding – when nature, quality and style become a team

We are in love with linen! Why? Well, there are many reasons – from the soothing naturalness to the incredibly versatile design possibilities to the great feel-good factor. When you feel the soft fabric on your skin, experience its natural lightness for yourself and feel what it’s like to hold pure quality in your hands, you too will be floating on cloud nine.

Linen bedding brings nature into your everyday life

Our lives today are fast-paced and all too often characterised by stress and hectic. It is no wonder that we long to find peace, to feel deep security and to be able to simply be surrounded by the familiar. Being close to nature makes it easy to shed pressure and stress like a coat that is too heavy, to let go of everyday worries and simply arrive. Of course, not everyone has the opportunity, let alone the time, to spend time in nature every day. That’s why we at Natural Product World bring nature to you and help you to easily integrate naturalness into your day-to-day life. Because textiles made of linen are more than just commodities. Each product is a small piece of nature that will accompany you in your everyday life – no matter what it may look like.

Customised bedding for your individual home

Your living space is your safe place and therefore something very special. Our mission is to help you feel completely at one with yourself there. The textiles you surround yourself with should give you the feeling of “home ” – without compromise. Instead of anonymous mass-produced goods, we therefore focus on limitless individuality. All our textiles are lovingly handmade and can therefore be designed entirely according to your wishes. Because you know best which measurements, closures and details are needed to create a favourite piece that fits you and your life 100 %.

Linen love: natural bedding in enchanting colours

Pure white, earthy beige, charming rosé or perhaps an expressive striped pattern? We cordially invite you to immerse yourself in the colour world of Natural Product World. Let yourself be inspired by the carefully selected shades of our products and discover the colour diversity of genuine, sincere linen love.