Environmental sustainability,  eco-consciousness and enthusiasm for high-quality, natural products – these are the topics we’re fascinated by at Natural Product World. It is our vision to bring nature into living spaces and to inspire people to create their own feel-good oasis with the extra dose naturalness at home.

Your Natural Product World: Sustainable materials, high-quality products



With our products we address people with various tastes in style and interior design preferences. All of them have one thing in common: They attach great importance to sustainable, natural materials which is a characteristic feature of all products you can find at Natural Product World.





Natural Product World – Individuality is our specialty

Linen bedding NPW



We focus on producing items just as individual as our customers. Therefore, our highest maxim is to show that individuality is our specialty. And we don’t take any compromises when in comes to finding the best solution for you It is our declared aim to merge eco-conscious naturalness, high level living comfort and creative designs into unique products. Our high-quality linen textiles are produced in loving manual work and simply made to be true favourite pieces.





The Natural Product World Team

Natural Product World business owner
Justyna Rose, Business owner

“My passion for natural furnishing runs like a red thread through my life. I’m managing a successful shop for high-value and partly made-to-measure solid wood furniture (https://massiv-aus-holz.de/) since 2008 and I honestly put my heart and soul in it. Working to promote eco-conciousness and fulfill individual costumer wishes feels like a foreseen mission to me. With Natural Product World I got to realize another ambitious idea of mine which makes me beam with joy.”