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Cats in love with linen: Pet-friendly bedding as a highly desired hotspot

best fabric for cats 100% linen fabric

We can’t imagine anything better than receiving messages from pleased customers and we love to share those customer experiences with our readers. In this case, awesome pictures were sent to us – with stylish linen bedding and lots of fluffy cats. Ready to be inspired by the décor and charmed by the cats?

Customer story: Cats conquer the bedroom

Our wonderful customer from the far north of Germany was looking for high-quality bed linen for his newly renovated bedroom. He has invested a lot of time in designing the room and wanted to crown it all with matching bed linen. Several criteria were particularly important to him: the bed linen should be natural, as sustainable as possible and durable. And – not to be forgotten – it should act as an impressive eye-catcher. It was not that easy to find something suitable, because he didn’t want just any bed linen, but a product that could convince him 100%. The customer finally discovered Natural Product World online and fell in love with our linen bedding in the beautiful colour “nature”.

cats linen bedding 100% linen
linen bedding cats duvet cover
adult bedding 100% linen cats love linen bedding

When the bedding arrived and found its way onto the bed, it didn’t take long for the two beloved roommates on four paws to make acquaintance with the cosiness of linen. The two cats sniffed the duvet and pillowcases extensively and gave their opinion: the linen bedding was unanimously approved. From then on, the cats would not let themselves be kept from curling up daily on the soft sheet, which they henceforth even preferred to their much-loved cat basket. As our customer told us, he “has” to share his bed with his picky pets to this day – something he is more than happy to do. End of the story: the cats have conquered the bedroom and have become real linen fans.

warm linen bedding 100% flax fibre

Interior design: Earthy shades create a warm atmosphere

But not only the cats are happy with the bedding choice. Our customer is delighted with a bedroom that exactly matches his ideas, and we are impressed too. Just look at how beautifully the natural linen bedding blends into the overall look of the bedroom. The earthy natural tone of the bedding, which can be described as a kind of deep, rich beige, gives the entire room a radiant warmth and invites to relax, come down and recharge. The ensemble with the white furniture creates a soft contrast that is pleasing to the eye and has an incredibly powerful presence. The stylish lamps with golden bases and the discreet, decorative accessories on the bedside tables finish the whole thing off wonderfully and complement the slightly playful style that is already expressed by the bows on the bedding.

Let’s talk about something that is almost impossible to overlook: the artistic painting that holds a particularly prominent place in the room. In addition to light blue, white and natural colours can also be found here, which ensures that the painting is harmoniously integrated into the room without being visually submerged. The artwork emphasises the dreamy side of the bedroom in an exceptionally discreet way and is – along with the natural bed linen – clearly the it-piece of the room. We are thrilled to see our linen bedding presented so beautifully and impressed by the visual ease with which a thoroughly harmonious bedroom has been created here.

Linen in “nature” matches the wooden floor – and the cats!

With the colour “nature”, the customer has clearly made the perfect choice. The subtle yet impressive colour perfectly matches the beautiful wooden floor and makes the bed linen exactly the eye-catcher the client wanted. This is the perfect example for the fact that beige is by no means boring, but can be an interesting, simply optimal colour choice when combined thoughtfully. The playful bows on the bedding contrast with the otherwise clean style of the interior – an exciting antithesis that gives the room a slightly mysterious nuance.

I think we all agree that cats can only enhance a room. In this case, it’s amazing how well the four-legged friends fit into the colour scheme of the room. Their silky fur echoes the earth tones that define the interior design – it’s almost as if the bedding was purchased especially for them.

cats on linen duvet cover cozy bedding
linen pillowslip 100% flax fibre

Decorative pillowcases as subtle highlights

What you can’t see in most of the pictures is that the customer has bought a few extra pillowcases to add more decorative elements to the bedroom. The bows are especially effective on the cushions and can unfold their full playful, sweet effect. The pillows are sometimes draped on the windowsill, sometimes on the armchair in the back corner of the room and sometimes as additional padding on the bed – just as the customer prefers. And: he has already ordered more so that he can also upgrade the living room with natural linen accessories.

If bows don’t really appeal to you, we have plenty of other ideas up our sleeves: our pillowcases are available with untreated buttons made of light wood or with filigree coconut buttons that feature a detailed floral pattern. Both options underline the natural aspect of the bed linen and act as loving details that complete the look in an individually authentic way.  In addition, all bed linen elements can of course also be ordered with a simple zip – the particularly functional variant. As you can see: At Natural Product World there really is something for every possible preference.

No more sweating – even when cuddling with cats

Before the linen bedding moved in with him, our customer repeatedly had nights in which he sweated heavily and therefore woke up with an unpleasant feeling. Although he was not actively looking for a solution to this problem, he found it with the natural linen bedding. After just a few nights, he realised that the sweating had stopped. The linen bedding gently covers his body and keeps him warm, but at the same time effectively counteracts excessive sweating and thus provides a pleasant, comfortable sleeping experience. And this despite the fact that the cats now snuggle up to our customer every night.

cats linen duvet cover pet-friendly bedding

There’s a reason why linen bedding is a real anti-sweat wonder weapon. The natural material is not only pleasantly light, but also breathable. It regulates the temperature and doesn’t start sticking to the skin in case of light transpiration, but instead develops a cooling effect. That is why linen bedding is ideal for both winter and summer.

Experience shows: Pets just love natural linen bedding

We don’t know what animals dream about at night, but we have a guess: natural linen bedding!  This customer is far from being the only one who has had the experience that pets feel particularly comfortable on linen. Both cats and dogs seem to prefer linen to most other materials – perhaps because they can feel the naturalness of the material? Or maybe they just enjoy the soft, gentle feel of linen. And who could blame them: After all, it’s the same for us humans.

So, if you don’t want to share your bed with your pets, you can perhaps equip their pet bed with a linen-covered pillow – it’s sure to please them.

Ready to invite your cats onto a soft, natural bed?

Our customer has experienced it first hand: linen bedding not only gives a room a very personal, natural flair, but also prevents night sweats and is a hit amongst pets. In addition, sustainability, naturalness and comfort speak for linen bedding. So what are you waiting for? Take a look around our shop and discover linen bedding that fits you, your home and your wishes 100%.

linen duvet cover cats bedding 100% natural linen

By the way: Because individuality is a priority for us, we don’t want to settle for offering just a few predefined sizes.  And the same applies to the details that finish off each bed linen in a unique way. So the choice is yours: order linen bedding in exactly the size you need and don’t let your bedroom look be limited by standards and norms. For more information on custom orders, click here.

Readers’ tip: How to keep your linen just as clean and soft as your cats

Many people falsely think that linen is challenging to care for. This is a misconception that is still widespread. In fact, it is absolutely easy to wash, dry and care for linen properly – at least if you know how to do it. Our informative article on the subject tells you more about how to correctly care for linen products, so you don’t have to guess, but know how it’s done.

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