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Christmas guide: How to find the perfect linen gifts

Christmas linen gift guide

When supermarkets sell gingerbread, instead of “Walking on Sunshine” there’s suddenly “Winter Wonderland” on the radio and the days have become short, it is that time of the year again: the pre-Christmas season has begun. This not only means that the new year is approaching, but also that it is about time to find suitable Christmas gifts for friends and family. Easier said than done! We know all too well how difficult it can be to come up with really good gift ideas. To help you with this, we have created the following article. Look forward to inspiring suggestions and find out what kind of linen products make the best Christmas gift – and for whom.

Christmas shopping – an annual challenge

linen bedding christmas gift

Let’s admit it: It seems to become more and more difficult to find an original and suitable gift every year. And especially when the gift is given to someone close to our hearts, we have high expectations: we don’t want to simply gift something, we want to give things that show how much someone means to us. So, in essence, we are looking for gifts that are special through and through and not just a product, but a sign of our affection, thoughtfulness, love and gratitude. After many years of making gifts, it’s normal to run out of great ideas. So we rush from shop to shop, browse online shops and get lost in musings – only to find ourselves wrapping socks, personalised mugs and chocolates in pretty paper again?

We would like to suggest a brand new idea for your Christmas gifts this year: products made of linen. You may be thinking “Linen? How is that an exciting gift?” Well, let us show you!

Small gifts: Multi-purpose linen bags

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money but still want to give something of value, our linen bags are the perfect gift. We are talking about bags in different sizes and colours that serve a variety of purposes. For example, they can be used as travel bags, to store clothes pegs, as bread bags or as storage space for cosmetics and care products. In every household and every life, there are all too many things that want to be stowed away and kept safe. So we can guarantee that every presentee will be able to do something useful with the bags. Each bag is made of 100% linen and has ribbons for secure and easy closing and opening. Due to the fact that the bags can be filled with sweets or other additional gifts as desired, they are particularly suitable as a customisable gift or also as a sustainable, beautiful packaging for the actual gift, which makes single-use wrapping paper obsolete. If you already have a gift that you would like to wrap in linen but cannot find a suitable size among the bags in our shop, please contact us! We would be happy to produce a handmade linen bag in your desired size.

christmas bags linen

Bedding as a highlight under the Christmas tree

If you have a larger budget for your Christmas shopping and want to give something that will accompany the recipient every day of the year, our suggestion is: linen bedding.

100% natural linen gifts
oeko-tex certified linen gifts
christmas shopping tips

Of course, bed linen is a very personal gift that you don’t want to give to just anyone. However, bed linen makes a wonderful gift for close friends and family members. Especially if it’s a really high-quality, beautiful product of this kind. It may seem unusual at first to give bed linen as a gift, but a closer look quickly reveals that you are in fact dealing with a highly original, absolutely appropriate present here. After all, why not combine the beautiful and joy-giving with the useful? Bed linen is the everyday companion par excellence and has a significant impact on sleep quality and comfort. As a result, good, comfortable and high-quality bedding improves every day – or every night. By giving bed linen as a gift, you show that you think further ahead than just Christmas Eve and that you care about the receiver’s well-being. Isn’t this kind of care and attention the greatest gift you can possibly give to someone?

Bedding for children – A useful Christmas gift

christmas grifts for children

Giving presents to children is also not always an easy task. Although the little ones enjoy many things, most products are forgotten just as quickly. They end up in a corner and gather dust, while the child has already turned to other, newer things. Not so with bed linen: this may not seem like the most exciting of gifts to the child at first glance, but in the long run it will convince them of its great usefulness. And parents are also happy about practical gifts for their child, because most children already have more than enough toys.

If you’re not sure which of our colour and closure options is likely to catch the child’s fancy, you can make an entire experience out of the occasion: Give a self-designed voucher as a gift and arrange a day with the child when they can choose their own bedding of choice online. This is guaranteed to be a hit!

What to know when gifting bed linen for Christmas

Before you order bedding as a Christmas gift, there are a few things you should think about:

Sizes of mattress, pillows and duvets

Find out what sizes the recipient’s pillows, blankets and mattress are. After all, the bed linen can only be appreciated if it fits – anything else would be awkward.

Colour-scheme of the bedroom

Ideally, you know the presentee’s bedroom and which colours go well with it. Our bed linen is available in white, nature and tender-rose as well as in white-grey, white-blue and nature-black striped.

Stylistic preferences

In order to choose the perfect bed linen, you should know about the personal style preferences of the recipient.

If all this is given, nothing else can prevent you from ordering bed linen that is perfectly suited to the giftee.

Tips for choosing a colour

Unsure which colour to choose? Let us give you some more info about the available colours:

Unicolour bedding

Unicoloured bed linen is available in white, tender-rose and nature. White is the best choice if you want to play it safe or know that the recipient has a very clean and discreet style. Tender-rose is a lovely, playful colour that suits warm, detail-oriented and gentle people. And if the presentee values warmth, authenticity and maximum naturalness, you should go for the nature hue.

colourful linen gifts

Striped bedding

Would you like something a little more eye-catching? Then our striped bed linen in white-grey, white-blue or nature-black might be just the right thing. The white-grey fabric is the most subtle, modern option, while white-blue is for fans of maritime style. If you know that the presentee is not afraid of strong contrasts you can go for the bed linen in nature-black.

Linen fabric as a Christmas gift for creative minds

For creative people who like to pick up a needle and yarn, high-quality linen fabric is a particularly nice gift. The fabric is suitable for sewing clothes, tablecloths, curtains, kitchen towels and various accessories and is already pre-washed so that it is easier to work with. Just like all the products in the shop, the fabric is available in six colours: white, tender-rose, nature, white-grey, white-blue and nature-black. You could give the fabric as a gift with a cutting pattern or you could leave it entirely up to the recipient to decide what to do with it. In either case, you can only hit the mark when gifting sewing enthusiasts all-natural linen fabric.

Linen items: Naturalness, quality and sustainability in one gift

sustainable christmas gifts

Whether it’s bags, bedding or fabric, linen products are a great gift for anyone who cares about nature. As a sustainable, absolutely natural material made from re-growing resources, linen is good for the environment and is also ideally suited for allergy sufferers. Unlike many other materials, linen is an environmentally conscious choice, something that people who value sustainability and care about the protection of our planet appreciate. By giving linen as a gift, you are not just presenting a product – you are gifting a piece of nature.

Readers tip: Learn how to correctly care for linen

Many people assume that linen requires particularly complex care – and they are wrong. Once you know how to care for linen, it is quite simple and doesn’t take any more time than caring for items made of any other material. If you want to educate the people you give linen products to directly about how to care for these items so that they stay beautiful for a long time, you should take a look at our article on linen care. It tells you everything you need to know about washing, drying and caring for linen correctly.

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