It’s all about colours!

Can you imagine a world without colours? Colours shape our perception and our reality, they accompany us every day and sometimes they even manage to really captivate and fascinate us. When it comes to furnishing, colours naturally play an extremely important role. We at Natural Product World have put a lot of heart and love into the colour selection for our products. The result is linen textiles in six exciting colours so far, with which the living and sleeping environment can be stylishly designed. But what makes the colours of our bed linen so special and unique? What are the characteristics of the individual shades and what combination possibilities do they allow? In this article, we focus on the colours and invite you on a journey through the colourful world of Natural Product World!

Pure white: The timeless classic among our colours

linen colours

Admittedly: At first glance, white does not sound very exciting and certainly not innovative or special. But don’t be fooled, because white can do a lot. It’s not a coincidence that this colour has lasted for decades and survived all colour trends unscathed. One big advantage of this colour is obvious: it can easily be combined. There is no colour that does not benefit from a combination with white, because pure white is 100% adaptable and can be seen as a kind of canvas, a basis on which all kinds of colour accents can be effectively staged. White bed linen, for example, looks great in combination with dark wooden furniture and provides an effective contrast, but it can also be combined tone-in-tone to create a purist, clean look. The white linen fabric of which our bed linen is made clearly shows that white does not have to be boring. The colour literally glows, radiates purity and peace and has a certain lightness about it that enriches every bedroom. Especially if you are a friend of strong colours and like to experiment with patterns and eye-catching nuances, you will appreciate the understated elegance that sets no limits to your creativity.

Nature: The colour of closeness to nature

We deliberately do not call our natural shade simply “beige”, because it has such an unmistakably natural character that “beige” would be an almost outrageous understatement. The earthy nuance is a successful blend of light brown and noble cream, reminiscent of authentic linen bags, such as those used in the past to store oats or straw. When it comes to combination options, nature is just as unrestrictive as white. Natural wooden furniture and accessories in shades of grey and brown go just as well as gaudy decorative elements and pieces of furniture with a futuristic touch, which can be used, for example, to stage a striking change of style.

nature colours

Tender-rose: Piles of charm and kindness

Among our monochrome creations, pale pink is the third shade in the bunch. It’s a warm, powdery nuance that will win you over right away with its charm and heartiness. Of course, pink is not everyone’s cup of tea. But those who go for a lovely playfulness, country house flair and soft colour components can be completely enchanted by the delicate rosé.

rose colours

White and blue: Two colours, one maritime look

linen bedding striped

Our journey through the Natural Product World colour world reaches the second milestone: we say adieu to the plain shades and turn our attention to the exciting striped patterns. Number one combines pure white with a light blue that looks extremely cheerful and fresh. This colour combination is clearly something for keen swimmers, beach holidaymakers and sea lovers, as it adds plenty of maritime flair. The fine stripes give it a lively touch without looking restless. The white/blue striped bed linen is almost predestined for being combined with white wooden furniture, but also cuts a fine figure in combination with darker wood tones or anthracite.

White and grey: Modest colours modernly combined

When bright white meets rich, elegant grey, the result is a modern stripe pattern that adapts to a wide variety of interior styles and always bears witness to a firm sense of style. Two simple colours are combined to create a look that is more exciting than you would probably expect. Add quality furniture, discreet accessories and perhaps some green plants, and you have a coherent, harmonious overall picture that puts a stop to visual monotony in the bedroom.

linen fabric

Nature and black: Strong interaction of powerful colours

The most daring and impressive colour combination in our range probably is the mix of natural and black. With it, you don’t have to think for a second to realise that you are dealing with a real eye-catcher. The black is not matt, but exceptionally deep, while the earthy natural tone is acting as a contrast-creating and brightening counterpart, helping to ensure that the stripes could hardly radiate more authenticity. No question about it: if you want to make an unmistakable statement of bold style and uncompromising naturalness, the stripe pattern in natural/black is your first choice.

Striped colours