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Fact Check: 15 facts about NPW products

fact check linen products by natural product world

You want to know exactly what you can count on when buying your bedding without having to do research for ages? Then this article is exactly what you have been looking for. Read our fact check and learn more about the most important facts regarding the Natural Product World product range – so you can place your order well informed.

flax bedding fact check linen duvet cover

Fact #1: It’s all about 100% linen

At Natural Product World, it’s all about linen and the beautiful products that can be made of it. We take no compromises when it comes to quality: When we say 100% linen, we mean it. Every product – be it sheets, duvet covers or pillowcases – is made from 100% natural linen – no tricks.

Fact #2: The fabric is Oeko-Tex certified

Anyone with experience in this field knows that there can be major differences in the quality of textile materials. We don’t want to leave our customers guessing, and we don’t want to just advertise the naturalness of our products, we want to prove it. That is why we are proud to say that all NPW products are made of Oeko-Tex certified linen. For you, this means that you can count on the quality of our bedding. Among other aspects, the label proves that the fabrics are colour-fast, do not contain any banned AZO dyes and are free of allergens and carcinogens.

Fact #3: Linen is suitable for allergy-sufferers

For allergy sufferers, finding suitable bed linen can be a particularly big challenge. After all, in the best case, the bed linen helps to reduce allergic symptoms and thus contributes to a healthy, undisturbed sleep. Something that can by no means be achieved with all types of bed linen. As the experiences of allergy sufferers show, linen bedding proves to be a thoroughly good choice. Allergy sufferers report reduced symptoms and, as a result, a noticeably better quality of sleep. Therefore, people with allergies who have not yet found the ideal bedding should definitely give linen a chance – the try is worth it in most cases.

facts about flax bedding 100% natural linen fabric bedding

Fact #4: Linen is a sustainable, eco-friendly material

You care about the protection of our planet and value eco-friendly bedding? Then linen is definitely a suitable option for you. Made from natural flax fibres, linen is a sustainable, environmentally friendly material produced with regrowing ressources. Therefore, with linen bedding, you are not only doing something good for yourself, but also for the environment.

bedding for summer linen bedding for winter

Fact #5: Linen bedding can be used all year long

It is a common misunderstanding that linen bedding is only for summer. Yes, linen is a very light fabric and it regulates temperature thanks to its breathable quality. So during the hot summer months, linen provides a pleasantly fresh coolness at night. However, this does not mean that you will freeze in linen bedding in winter. On the contrary: despite its lightness, linen keeps you warm and invites you to snuggle in – without weighing you down. So we can conclude: Linen bedding can be used all year round – whether in summer or winter.

Fact #6: The products are easy to care for

If you haven’t owned linen bedding before, you may think that it is particularly difficult to care for. In this case, we have great news for you: linen care is absolutely simple. You definitely don’t need to be a household expert to wash and dry linen so that it stays beautiful, smooth and colourful for a long time. If you have any questions about how to properly care for linen bedding or other linen products, we recommend reading our informative article on linen care.

linen fact flax cushion cases 100% natural material

Fact #7: The items are produced in the EU

The big issue of environmental protection also includes short delivery routes and production locations that are as regional as possible. The linen bedding you can buy at Natural Product World is not shipped from continent to continent, but produced within the EU. So when it arrives at your door, it has not travelled a long way, but comes directly from the European neighbourhood.

flax fabric fact check made in EU linen bedding

Fact #8: Each item is handmade

A special aspect about the NPW product range is that every single piece is lovingly handmade. So you don’t get a mass-produced, machine-processed product, but a handmade favourite piece that has been sewn for you with the utmost care and attention to detail. We would like to emphasise this aspect in particular, because it is close to our hearts: we support authentic, high-quality handwork and consciously choose not to sell off-the-peg goods but instead opt for individual, handmade linen products.

Fact #9: The linen is pre-washed

The linen fabrics and all products made of it offered in the shop are pre-washed before they are sent to you. Why? Quite simply, linen fabric has a habit of shrinking in the first few washes. Most of the shrinking process happens during the first wash. In order to be able to offer precise sizes and to ensure that the bedding shrinks only slightly by the time it arrives at your home, we wash the fabric once before it is sewn. Besides, this way we make sure that the products will not discolour in your washing machine.

pre-washed linen products 100% linen fact check

Fact #10: The products can be ordered in six colours

Each product can be ordered in six different colours, with the colour palette consisting of three unicoloured and three striped fabrics. The classic is our white linen, followed by the shade “nature”, which is a deep yet soft, all-natural beige. Then there is the unicoloured fabric in “tender-rose”, a playful, powdery shade of pink – perfect for those who aim for a warm, harmonious look. The striped fabric is available in white-blue, white-grey and nature-black. Depending on the colour combination, it complements rooms with a maritime flair, a modern interior or a high-contrast effect. Click here to learn more about the NPW colours.

tender-rose linen bedding fact check material

Fact #11: There are four closure types to choose from

You also have the choice when it comes to closure types: with four different fasteners, we cover every taste and personal preference. You can choose buttons made of untreated wood or floral patterned coconut buttons, or you can go for playful little bows or a simple zip.

bunntons on linen bedding nature coloured beige linen fact check

Fact #12: The shop offers bedding in standard sizes

At Natural Product World you can order linen bedding in standard sizes. To do this, simply go to the desired product and look at the size selection there. For example, duvet covers for adults are available from 80 x 200 cm to 220 x 220 cm, while children can choose from sizes between 80 x 130 cm and 135 x 200 cm. Meanwhile, the sheets can be ordered in all standard mattress sizes and pillowcases are offered as basics from 30 x 40 cm to 80 x 80 cm.

kids linen bedding fact check

Fact #13: You can order customised items in an individually preferred size

We have made “individuality is our speciality” our motto and strive to live up to it in all respects. That is why you can order bed linen in any individual size if none of the listed standard sizes meet your needs. Of course, this applies to all products, i.e. sheets as well as pillowcases and duvet covers for adults and children. Don’t be hesitant to contact us with your individual bedding request – we look forward to creating products for you that fit your ideas 100%.

Fact #14: We aim for creating true favourite pieces

We have a vision: with NPW, we want to create a place where everyone can make an environmentally conscious, quality-oriented bedding choice. Of course, we are aware that it is almost impossible to actually meet everyone’s taste. Nevertheless, with many individual design options, we strive to present you products that are as close to your ideal as possible. This results in individual linen products that are more than mere decorative items. They are made to become favourite pieces that will accompany and delight you in your everyday life for years to come.

Fact #15: The products are made to enrich your life

With linen bedding, you are not just buying random textiles, but products that enrich your life. They bring an extra dose of naturalness to your bedroom, allow you to create unique looks and, last but not least, improve the quality of your sleep. So you can be sure: Once you have tried linen bedding, you won’t want to do without it.

taking care of linen bedding

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