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Linen children’s bedding – The fabric of kids’ dreams

made-to-measure linen children's bedding

As parents, you only want the best for your child. That is why the toys are thoughtfully selected, social contacts are encouraged and the child’s needs and wishes are taken into account whenever possible. This is also reflected in the children’s room – from the furniture to the everyday objects to the decoration. The children’s bedding is a central aspect that not only has to meet decorative requirements, but also has an often unforeseen effect on the quality of sleep and the child’s rest.

The children’s room: a space for romping, playing, discovering and resting

children's bedding

A child’s room is a place where an incredible number of things happen every day. There is romping, playing alone or with friends, learning, trying things out and discovering. It is a place that contains an incomparable amount of life and in which a child should definitely feel completely at ease. The nursery suggests safety, home, security, growth and above all love. However, relaxing and coming to rest should not be forgotten. After all, children need times of recovery and sleep, which they can use for regeneration, so that they can start the next day freshly strengthened and full of energy. The bed with the corresponding bed linen, usually consisting of sheets, a blanket with duvet cover, one or more pillows with pillowcases and one or two cuddly toys, thus becomes the central element of every child’s room.

Linen: Why is this fabric ideal for children’s bedding?

Linen is a natural fabric made from flax that is breathable, light and gentle on the skin. It is completely free from any chemicals and nestles softly, flexibly and gently against the body. Linen bedding therefore is the first choice when it comes to furnishing a child’s room. In addition, linen textiles are allergy-friendly and experience shows that people plagued by allergies can finally find some well-deserved and much-needed rest in bedding made of linen.

children's bedding white blue bows
natural product world duvet cover white blue
children's bedding white blue

A blue dream: Linen duvet covers as highlight of the children’s room

handmade children's bedding

The linen bedding shown here has a blue and white colour scheme. A successful combination that is harmonious in itself and radiates calm, relaxation and well-being. The white is restrained and simple, but still very present in its purity. The light, soft blue sets colourful accents, has a soothing effect and also possesses an imaginative, dreamy character. The bed linen for children is reminiscent of white, soft little sheep clouds in a bright blue sky, fluffy candy floss, a field of cornflowers and daisies inviting you to a picnic, or rhythmically rushing waves with a bubbling clear foam crown. The colour combination is subtle and inspiring at the same time: it ensures that the children’s bed linen blends into the room without any problems and knows how to become an absolute highlight in the children’s room at the same time. The pretty little bows that serve as fasteners have a playful effect and – depending on the age and stage of learning of the child – can be easily fastened by the child itself. The linen bedding with stripes tolerates  clean, minimalist environments just as well as colourful and eye-catching accessories. Especially natural tones and all shades of grey can be wonderfully combined with it. But bright neon shades, pastel tones and bold decorative elements can also be ideally staged in combination with the duvet covers for the children’s room.

Linen covers gently guide children into the land of dreams

made-to-measure children's bedding

In this case, the focus was set on simple yet effective furnishings. The linen bedding is complemented by light-coloured furniture, grey accessories and playful decorations, which come together to create a fantastically beautiful children’s room. The bed linen is one of several eye-catchers in the room and does not have to hide at all next to the impressive tepee tent, the crocheted stool and the large window with a view into the green. You can just imagine a child entering the room elated, lying down on the bed in his pajamas and enjoying the feeling of the light linen fabric enveloping him comfortably and gently. As soon as the head touches the pillow, the bed linen guides the little person – possibly supported by a bedtime story – into the land of dreams.

linen children's bedding

Custom-fit linen children’s bedding for every nursery

Just as every child is an individual, every nursery is different. That’s why we offer our linen bedding – both duvet covers and pillowcases – in many different sizes. Starting at 70 cm x 160 cm and ending at 135 cm x 200 cm, the duvet covers are suitable for every imaginable circumstance and bed. The pillowcases, which are available in sizes from 30 cm x 40 cm and up to a maximum of 80 cm x 80 cm, beautifully round off the children’s bed so that a harmonious, 100 % individual overall picture is created.

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