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Myth Check: 15 linen myths and the truth

linen myth check 15 myths and the truth explained

Based on the questions we receive from valued clients, there is one thing we notice again and again: There are a lot of clichés and misconceptions about linen. With this article, we would like to clear things up and therefore address the 15 most common myths, tales and misconceptions regarding linen fabric. In this way, myth by myth, we aim to provide information you can rely on.

linen myths and misunderstandings about linen bedding

Myth #1: Linen bedding is an overrated luxury item

First of all, we would like to erase the “overrated”. It is after all no coincidence that linen fabric has been used for centuries and is still one of the most popular textiles around. As for luxury, well, we would even agree with that part. It cannot be denied that products made of linen are somewhat more expensive than similar products made of lower-quality materials. And: good sleep quality, comfort and naturalness are a luxury worth having every night.

Myth #2: Linen bedding is only for the summer

It is true that linen is a very light material, which is why it feels particularly pleasant on the skin in summer. However, this does not mean that linen fabric does not keep you warm. On the contrary: anyone who has ever snuggled up in linen bedding during an icy night knows that the bedding promises cosy warmth.

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Myth #3: Linen bedding makes you sweat

Many people have problems with heavy night sweats that make them wake up feeling uncomfortable. Linen does not intensify the problem, but actually counteracts it and is therefore the optimal partner in crime when it comes to fighting sweat. The reason: linen is breathable and has temperature-regulating features. The lightweight fabric does not stick to the body when exposed to perspiration, but has a cooling effect and thus helps to prevent heavy sweating.

Myth#4: Linen is difficult to care for

We don’t know exactly where this myth comes from, but it is definitely widespread: Many people think linen is particularly demanding when it comes to care. In fact, this is not the case at all. Although there are a few things that need to be taken into account when caring for linen so that the fabric remains soft and beautiful for a long time, these are very simple tricks that anyone can follow without any problems. If you would like to learn more about how to wash, dry and care for linen correctly, click here to read our article on linen care.

Myth #5: Linen products should only be hand-washed

There are some very thin linen fabrics that should ideally only be washed by hand. However, the vast majority of linen textiles can safely be put in the washing machine. This also applies to the products you can buy at Natural Product World. All bed linen is machine-washable and can be washed at 40°. Neither the beautiful colour will be affected nor do you have to worry about the durability of your linen bedding.

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Myth #6: Linen products wear out quickly

It all depends on the quality of the products. With very cheap, poorly processed linen, it is quite possible that the fabric will quickly lose its beauty and the products will have to be replaced after just a few years. This is not the case with really high-quality linen textiles, such as you find in our shop: these linen bedding pieces are made to accompany you for many years without losing their brilliance and quality. So you can be assured that with NPW linen bedding, you are not buying a short-term throwaway product, but an absolutely high-quality product with a high level of longevity.

Myth#7: Linen should not be ironed

Linen fabric does not take damage when ironed. Whether to iron linen or not is rather a question of personal taste. If you don’t mind a few wrinkles or even consider the wrinkled look charming, you can confidently do without ironing. If, on the other hand, you are aiming for an absolutely smooth end effect, you will hardly be able to avoid ironing. For best results, it is advisable to iron the textiles while they are not yet completely dry – i.e. still slightly damp. This prevents the formation of unwanted marks in the material and ensures that the bed linen ends up to be evenly smooth.

Myth #8: Linen shrinks with every wash

As a natural fabric made of flax fibres, it is perfectly normal for linen to shrink a little during the first few washes. The material shrinks especially during the first wash, which is why our linen bedding is already pre-washed once before it is delivered to you. This way, we can ensure that our measurements are correct and that your new bedding will still fit your pillows, blankets and mattresses perfectly after washing. In fact, even after the second and third wash, the fabric may still shrink minimally. However, this is only expected to be a few millimetres, which is not significant. And: After that, the issue is over. Linen fabric does not shrink with every wash, but only at the very beginning. Later, the size remains unchanged.

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Myth #9: Coloured linen fabrics fade quickly

In this regard, the quality of the individual product also plays a major role. Like any other fabric, linen can lose its colour brilliance if it has been cheaply and heavily dyed. If, on the other hand, high-quality colours are brought into the textile in an effective, well-proven process, this is not to be expected. It is true that the fabric can lose some colour during the first wash, but this happens in such a minor way that it is not visually noticeable.

Myth #10: Linen products are only for fans of country-style décor

What can we say: of course linen is the absolute fabric of choice when it comes to furnishing country-style rooms. We, too, love the charmingly rustic quality that linen bedding can add to an interior design scheme. But that doesn’t mean that linen cannot also cut a wonderful figure in the context of other furnishing styles. Whether it’s an ultra-modern, very straightforward relaxation room, a minimalist maritime-inspired bedroom or a room with a highly elegant flair: linen can be integrated picture-perfectly in any case and adds the finishing touch to the desired look.

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Myth #11: Due to wrinkling, linen always looks messy

Messy or particularly charming and authentic? That is in the eye of the beholder. Many people appreciate the wrinkled look that can be achieved with linen. But: If you find the wrinkles annoying, there is nothing to stop you from ironing the linen bed linen to get an evenly smooth result – goodbye wrinkles and hello perfectly tidy bed linen.

Myth #12: Only professionals can sew linen

Anyone who sews a lot can confirm this: Linen can indeed be a bit tricky to sew. However, the challenge is kept within narrow bounds, which is why it is by no means only professionals who can try their hand at sewing linen fabrics. Although absolute beginners should perhaps first reach for a material that is a little easier to handle, advanced sewers can easily turn linen into beautiful products. By the way: Click here to go directly to our linen fabrics, which you can buy by the metre. Have fun sewing!

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Myth #13: Linen is not recommended for allergy sufferers

Allergy sufferers often find it particularly difficult to find the right bed linen. After all, the material should not intensify their allergy symptoms. The experience of many allergy sufferers shows that linen can even ease the symptoms, because the fabric has hypoallergenic characteristics. Linen bedding thus helps allergy sufferers to spend peaceful nights and improve the quality of their sleep.

Myth #14: Linen is not vegan

Linen fabric is made from flax fibres, i.e. components of the flax plant. It is therefore a 100% plant-based material that can definitely be called vegan.

Myth #15: Linen is out of fashion

The fact that linen has been used to make clothing and household textiles for a very long time does not mean that the material is an outdated relic from times gone by. On the contrary: for some years now, linen has been experiencing a new boom and is enjoying increasingly popularity. So is linen an old, familiar textile? Yes, certainly. But is it therefore out of fashion? We would like to clearly deny this. Instead of setting up a long argument at this point, we would simply like to invite you to take a look around our shop and convince yourself of the timeless beauty of linen products.

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