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Nature Linen – So much more than just “beige”

nature linen bedding flax fibre bedding beige duvet cover

What would the world be without colours? Well, in a colourless world, it would definitely be less fun to buy bedding. Since we have already addressed linen bedding in pure white in a previous post, it is about time we give the same attention to our bed linen in the colour “nature”. Read on to find out what makes the nature linen shade an eye-catcher, for whom it is particularly suitable and how nature coloured bedding can be optimally presented.

nature linen pillowcases linen pillowslips

Introduction: A brief portrait of the NPW world of colours

Even though this article is supposed to be all about nature linen, we’ll take a moment to introduce the NPW colour palette. The colour selection in the NPW shop consists of a total of six shades. Firstly, there are the three single-coloured fabrics in white, nature and tender-rose. The radiant white will delight fans of a minimalist, classically elegant style, while tender-rose is meant for all those who long for a little more “fairy tale” in their lives. The colour palette is complemented by three striped fabrics in white-blue, white-grey and nature-black. So, people who love patterns will definitely also find what they are looking for in our shop. If you would like to learn more about the colour world of Natural Product World, click here to go to the related article.

Nature Linen: The maximum of authenticity

People who consciously choose linen bedding often do so for a specific reason: they value naturalness, which they also want to be expressed in their bedroom furnishings. When selecting the colours, it therefore quickly became clear to us that we wanted to offer an intensively natural shade. And so we finally ended up with the colour “nature”.

natueal linen bedding nature linen beige coloured linen fabric
duvet cover nature linen beige duvet cover adults
pillowslip nature linen with natural coconut buttons on linen pillow

This is a very warm, deep earth tone, which to describe as simple “beige” would almost be an insult. After all, hardly any colour sounds more boring than beige – and “nature” is anything but boring. The nuance between brown and cream has an unbelievable liveliness and is able to radiate absolutely pure naturalness. At the same time, it is by no means dull or insipid, but rather discreetly noble and, above all, incredibly authentic. With linen products in nature, two things come together: 100% natural fabric made from flax fibres is given an earthy, natural touch. The result is bed linen that is hard to top in terms of warm, natural authenticity.

Style ideas: Putting nature linen in the best light

Honestly, it’s very easy to create great looks with nature linen. Nevertheless, this article will not be lacking inspiring suggestions. So raise the curtain for lots of style inspiration with nature linen:

cushioncase nature linen unicoloured pillow

Natural hues in the bedroom for a calm atmosphere

The colour nature is a quite logical choice for people who prefer calm, unobtrusive furnishings in the bedroom. After all, we are talking about an extremely subtle nuance that radiates a deep sense of calm even at first glance. Warmth, comfort, groundedness and trust are things that many people associate specifically with calmness and peace. And it is precisely these associations that are also triggered when looking at the bedding in nature. This is especially true when furniture made of natural wood, linen curtains and some plants are added. Because everything that is related to nature intensifies the authentic effect of the nature linen even more. With nature linen, you can create a true oasis of calm naturalness in no time at all, where peace, calmness and relaxation come all by themselves.

Harmonious children’s rooms full of nature

The naturally beautiful furnishing of the children’s room is a real matter of the heart for many parents. Logically, bedding made of linen is often the first choice. In order to give the children’s room a playful, sweet and gentle look with nature linen sweet bows can be used as fasteners. These add an extremely charming detail to the bed linen and impress with their incredibly adorable look. When it comes to the choice of colours, pastel shades are the trend in the children’s room. From delicate rose to powdery baby blue and soft lime green, there is a wide range of options that can be beautifully combined with nature linen. In this case, authentic naturalness meets loving playfulness and the result is a uniquely pleasing overall picture that makes one feel at home.

Colourful accents with nature linen

Anyone who thinks that naturalness and bold colours are mutually exclusive is clearly wrong. After all, you only have to look around in nature to discover plenty of strong colours. Just think of bright yellow lemons, red poppies or the brilliant blue of the sky on a beautiful spring day. So nature linen is definitely also suitable for people who don’t want to do without colourful accents in their bedroom. In general, the nuance nature is compatible with almost every imaginable colour – so there are no limits to creativity when it comes to combining colours. Nevertheless, there are a few shades that we particularly like in combination with nature linen. First and foremost are petrol and magenta. Both very rich colours with plenty of presence that complement nature linen without completely overpowering the colour of the linen fabric. If you want to enhance the natural aspect with colour accents, choose grass green, earth brown or forest green. If, on the other hand, trendy vibrancy is the goal, flashy shades such as pink or strong yellow are excellent choices. As you can see: When it comes to colours, simply anything is possible with nature linen.

nature linen colour combinations bedroom design with linen

White furniture and nature linen: Minimalism meets naturalness

Minimalism is one of the most significant furnishing trends of the past few years and can of course also be followed with nature linen. To achieve the straightforward, no-frills style, white or grey furniture with straight edges and without unnecessary extras is recommended. Linen bedding, a few simple green plants and a couple of metallic elements make the minimalist bedroom look a hit.

Quick test: Does nature linen meet your expectations?

Not sure whether linen in “nature” really suits you and your expectations? Then the following self-test will help you decide. Simply look at the listed questions and try to answer them spontaneously from your gut. Let’s go:

nature linen pillowcase with natural coconut buttons
  • Do you want your bedroom to radiate pure naturalness?
  • Is authenticity an aspect that is important to you in your life and in terms of style?
  • Are you looking for a bedding solution that doesn’t restrict your creative interior design options in any way?
  • Do you want your dream bed linen to be combinable with as many colours and patterns as possible?
  • Do you want bedding that visually and haptically transmits calm and serenity?
  • Do you like natural, earthy shades?
  • Would you describe your style as discreet, meaningful and/or down-to-earth?
  • Would you like to make your bedroom a place of pure relaxation without having to do without an extra dose of lively naturalness?

If you answered the majority of these questions with an enthusiastic “yes”, nature linen is definitely the right colour for you and your bedroom. Why don’t you visit our shop and get an even more detailed picture of the linen duvets, pillows and sheets? Have fun!

Readers tip: Get to know the NPW closure types

Would you like to read more about linen and the NPW product world? Then we would like to recommend our article on the topic of closure types. There you will find out which closure options you can choose between in the NPW shop and you will be well informed about the pros and cons of each option. So that you can make a bedding decision with which you can be satisfied for years to come.

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