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Overview of bedding closure types

tender rose bow closure types bedlinen

If you long for bedding that fits your own ideas and wishes 100%, buying bed linen cannot be done quickly “on the go”. Rather, it takes a little time and muse to take a careful look at the many options that the market has to offer and then decide on a personal favourite. Especially if you have to spend a little more on high-quality bed linen, of course you want everything to fit perfectly. Is that too much to ask? No! At Natural Product World, we believe that everyone deserves bedding that comes as close as possible to their idea of perfection. So if you are looking for individual bed linen that is tailored to you and your life, you have come to the right place! We offer you a wide range of choices and customisation options, including different closure types, which we would like to introduce you to in this post.

#1 of the closure types: The wooden buttons – Minimalist design, maximum naturalness

Buttons are the ultimate classic among bedding closure types. They can blend unobtrusively into the overall look or act as an eye-catcher all on their own and, of course, fulfil their functional purpose. Therefore, it quickly became clear to us that we would like to offer bed linen with buttons at Natural Product World. The first fastener variant we would like to present to you are our wooden buttons. Made of light wood, they radiate an incredibly strong naturalness, which goes wonderfully with the natural linen fabric – a perfect match! The wood, whose colour tone can be described with the adjectives light, warm, discreet and gentle, is untreated and thus appears particularly authentic.

100% flax bedding closure typed buttons wood buttoned pillowcase
linen bedding closure typed buttons bed linen
duvet cover buttons closure types bedding linen myth

The very light, slightly yellowish cream-beige can easily be combined with almost any colour, which means that this closure option can be considered regardless of the choice of linen colour. On white linen, the wooden buttons stand out in a delicate contrast and are visually comparatively present, while they take a more understated position in combination with linen in the colour “nature”. If you are interested in bedding in tender-rose, on the other hand, you can be sure that the colour tone of the wood will not clash with the playful sweetness of the pink shade. On the contrary: the untreated wooden buttons underline the natural softness of the powdery pink nuance and hence make a wonderful choice. Combined with the models in a striped look – be it white-grey, white-blue or nature-black – the light, high-quality wooden buttons also cut a fine figure. They do not interfere with the flow of the pattern in any way and do not draw too much attention to themselves, so that the striped pattern design can have the best possible visual effect.

#2 of the closure types: The coconut buttons – Filigree and floral

Would you like something particularly detailed? Then you should opt for the coconut buttons with floral decor. They are our fastening option for all those who can’t get enough of small, thoughtful and lovingly designed details. The coconut buttons are composed of two shades: Their surface is kept in a dark brown, while the embedded floral pattern highlights the lighter layer underneath. Both shades are natural to the material and have not been manually altered. It is all the more fascinating and beautiful to see the grandiose appearance that results from the interplay of the wooden nuances.

coconut wood buttons bedding closure types
floral buttons coconut bedding linen bed linen buttons
pillows coconut buttons pillowslip buttons coconut wood

Of course, floral designs are not everyone’s cup of tea, but lovers of the lovely and elegant will appreciate the lightness and filigree that the ornate décor brings into play. The coconut buttons clearly express their very own charm and know how to present themselves particularly well on unicoloured bed linen. But they can also be a real hit in combination with our striped linen fabrics – as long as you’re not afraid of mixing patterns.

#3 of the closure types: The bows – Playfulness and love for detail

If your style is characterised by an almost childlike playfulness and you could easily do without formal linearity, you should take a closer look at closure option number 3 – the bows. Admittedly: Tying them after attaching the bed linen may take a little more time than simply fastening normal buttons, but the effort pays off.

cute bows bedding closure types
bows on rose linen pink linen bedding bows
tender-rose bedding adults bedding 100% linen closure types

Just look how incredibly sweet and cute the bows look. Adorable, isn’t it? You’ll get the strongest “fairytale effect” if you choose the bows as closure option on a bed linen set in tender-rose. The delicate colour underlines the playful look of the bows and creates a thoroughly enchanting overall picture. However, this does not mean that the bows cannot also be beautifully combined with linen fabrics in nature and pure white. If you choose classic white bed linen, its clean look is somewhat softened by the perfectly imperfect bows, while bows on nature-coloured bedding will give you a particularly authentic, even more natural style. If our striped products catch your eye, be assured:The charming bows are also a perfect match for these designs and don’t cause any irritating visual distraction.

#4 of the closure types: The zip – Functional, practical and subtle

Are you a practical, functional type of person? In that case, we recommend the simplest of our closure types: the zip. This means you don’t have to spend a lot of time attaching the bed linen: slip it on, zip it up, and you’re done! The skilfully integrated, high-quality zips that we use for Natural Product World bedding score points for their above-average durability and of course survive washings undamaged. For you, this means: minimum effort, maximum functionality. And no matter which colour linen fabric you choose, the zip does not in any way distract from the natural appearance of the bed linen. You can let the brilliance of the colour stand out on its own and thereby be fully in line with the trend towards minimalism.

linen bedding floral design bed linen closure types guide

Individuality: Why we offer various closure types

As we like to say: individuality is our speciality. That’s why, from the very beginning, there has been no doubt for us in that we also want to give our customers a choice when it comes to closure types. Because we celebrate the differentness of people. Instead of offering an option that we personally – for whatever reason – think is the best, we want to satisfy as many wishes, interests and preferences as possible. That’s why we have chosen four very different closure options that together cover a wide range of tastes. In short, there is something for everyone at Natural Product World.

Tips for decision-making: Finding the best option

We know that it is not that easy to decide on one of the closure types. After all, each option has its own unique qualities. The following tips are meant to help you make the ideal decision for yourself:

Pick your favourite colour first

Basically, it has proven useful to first choose a colour and then look at the closure types. After all, the linen fabric makes up the largest part of the bedding, which makes it the most important element. Once your choice of colour has been made, you can use this as a basis for a somewhat better understanding of which type of closure would suit the set best in your eyes.

Reflect your needs and expectations

Think about the essential qualities that your new bedding has to offer. For example, if your everyday life is often hectic and you have little time left for household chores, the zip will save you work. If, on the other hand, you primarily value a very special, striking look that is perfect down to the last detail, the coconut buttons are more suitable, while the wooden buttons are ideal if maximum naturalness is your top priority.

Compare the closure types

Compare the closure types and find out which advantages are most important to you.

Consider the interior design style

Consider the style of furnishings in your bedroom and choose the colour and closure type of the bedding to match the chamber. After all, you want the overall picture to be harmonious.

Follow your feeling

If two closure types seem equally suitable and practical to you, trust your feeling and decide by gut instinct.

striped bedding closure types

Handmade linen bedding: You choose, we produce!

At the end of this post, we would like to point out that at Natural Product World, every bedding can be ordered not only with different closure types, but also in any size. As every linen product is lovingly handmade, we can customise everything 100% to your wishes. Contact us and let us know what your dream bedding looks like.

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