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Stripes in the spotlight – Bedroom look

linen pillowcase with stripes

Photos of satisfied customers, with which they give us an insight into their personal world, are the nicest reward for us. A customer from the far north sent us pictures showing our bed linen with stripes in white and blue in her home. We think: The look is absolutely outstanding!

Clever combination of pillowcases and duvet covers with stripes

bedding with stripes

Not everyone immediately discovers bed linen with stripes as a favourite, as it is – as is often assumed – easier to combine plain-coloured pieces and integrate them into the overall picture of the room. But our customer demonstrates how beautiful textiles with a striped design can look when they are cleverly and sensitively staged. The light striped pattern is shown off to its best advantage next to the natural tones, such as the cushions, and provides the bedroom with an extra portion of cheerfulness and lightness. The dark bed, on the other hand, together with the floor in a robust wood look, creates a strong contrast to the bed linen, giving the room more liveliness and an exciting touch. The light-coloured curtains and wardrobes do not distract the eye from the bed linen, which clearly acts as the impressive protagonist here. All the colours used reinforce each other’s clear presence: white and black-brown create a simple, very modern background on which the natural tones build, only to be crowned by the bright white and vivid blue of the bed linen. The result is a play of colours that is pleasing to the eye and leaves no doubt about its modern harmony.

Pattern mix: ensemble of stripes and floral buttons

Combining patterns stylishly – is that even possible? It is! This is evident in the details of this striped bed linen. Instead of relying on neutral wooden buttons, a zip or bows, the customer deliberately chose coconut buttons with a bright floral pattern as the fastener for the pillowcases and duvet cover. What may sound daring turns out to be a charming eye-catcher.

stripes and flowers

None of the patterns seems overdone and the combination is bursting with individuality and attention to detail. So it can be worth being brave, experimenting with patterns and deviating from the straightforward standard. The long, straight stripes that characterise the curtain and emerge vertically from the doors of the wardrobe give a neat, tidy impression and perfectly fulfil their purpose in their clean simplicity.  And even the somewhat wider stripes of the large cushions and the pattern of the carpet do not disturb the overall picture, but contribute even more to a coherent, exciting living experience that can be seen as a statement of bold style consciousness and the desire for something new.

linen duvet cover stripes buttons

Subtle decorations complement the natural overall picture

When colours and patterns already form an all-round harmonious style, you can confidently hold back when it comes to decoration. This is what our customer from northern Germany did: In her bedroom, things are quiet in terms of decoration, with only the carpet adding another prominent accent. Apart from that, everything revolves around the additional emphasis on naturalness, which of course works wonderfully with the high-quality linen bedding and makes tangible sense. The soft beige blanket draped so casually in the simple brown basket suggests a cosy comfort, while the green potted plant brings fresh colour into play and expresses the closeness to nature in the best possible way. All this is done in such an unobtrusive, seemingly random way that the actual perfection of the look seems like a casual matter of course.

“Pure nature” with bedding made of 100 % linen

bed linen with stripes made-to-measure

Our customer did not decide on bed linen made of 100 % linen for no reason. For her, naturalness, environmental awareness and sustainability have a high priority, which should also be reflected in her home. What could be better than bedding made of Oeko-Tex certified linen, lovingly handmade in Europe? With pillowcases, duvet covers and sheets made of linen, a bedroom that is clearly furnished according to the motto “pure nature” has been created here . One advantage of the natural material, which the customer certainly appreciates, is its lightness, which is particularly pleasant in the summer. Nevertheless, linen bedding is also suitable for the cold winter months, because the fact that the material is light does not mean that it cannot keep its user warm. Accordingly, bedding made of linen is not a seasonal product so our customer can enjoy the look she has created all year round.

Discover your love for stripes with Natural Product World

Has the insight into the bedroom with striped bed linen inspired you and awakened the longing for stripes in you? Then discover duvet covers, pillowcases and sheets for children and adults in this and two other selected colour combinations in our shop – have fun browsing!

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