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White linen – A natural dream in snow white

white linen bedding flax fibre bedding white

If you look for bedding online or visit a large furniture store, you will find a quite gigantic product range: From textiles in bright colours, lots of patterns and colour mixes to very unusual designs with cartoon characters and slogans, there is almost nothing that is not available. This can quickly overwhelm the interested buyer. Our advice: Reflect on the essentials for a minute. Because the less “loud”, almost ordinary-looking bed linen is easily lost in the mass of extravagant designs. And it is often the comparatively simple models that are 100% in line with personal taste. The best example of bedding that is beautiful but often overlooked in the presence of more eye-catching options is the classic white bed linen. It is single-coloured and plain, but that doesn’t mean it can’t effectively enhance bedrooms. This post is dedicated to our white linen bedding, giving it the attention it deserves.

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Overview: The NPW world of colours

Before we turn the spotlight on white bedding, we’d like to take a moment to tell you about the NPW colour palette. All products in our shop are available in six lovingly selected shades: three single-coloured and three striped designs. In addition to the star of this article – the white bed linen – the colours “nature” and “tender-rose” are among the unicoloured options. “Nature” is an earthy, very authentic beige, while “tender-rose” is a powdery, lovely pink hue. Striped bedding is available in white-blue, white-grey and nature-black. With bed linen in white-blue you can spread maritime flair in the twinkling of an eye, white-grey looks particularly modern and nature-black is for all those who want a strong interplay of contrasts. If you would like more information on the individual NPW colours, click here.

White bedding: A story of pureness, subtlety and elegance

Admittedly: At first glance, it seems obvious that linen in white is not necessarily the most exciting colour option. The fabric is neither colourful nor does it catch the eye with wild patterns or strong contrasts. And yet, if you take the time to look closely, you will discover the incredibly powerful beauty that linen bedding in white is able to radiate. The white of the natural fabric from which our bed linen is made is not dull, pale or even slightly greyish. Quite the opposite: you are introduced to brilliant, radiant and absolutely pure white.

white linen bed linen 100% natural linen fabric bedding
all natural white linen bedding linen duvet cover adults
pillowslip white linen all sizes pillowcase

The radiance of the colour makes the bedding look very vivid and helps it to prove anyone who thinks white bedding is boring wrong. Thanks to the even, natural structure that linen fabric inherently has, the white gains depth and appears not only visibly but also tangibly bright. By deliberately avoiding colour accents and patterns, white bedding represents some kind of powerful understatement that immediately captivates the attentive eye with its minimalist elegance. White linen is the best proof that beauty is unexpectedly all too often found in subtlety, in the small and in the ordinary. The message: it doesn’t always have to be “more” – “more new”, “more exciting”, “more adventurous” – when it’s the old familiar that exceeds all expectations.

white linen fabric flax fibre sewing fabric linen

Pro: With white linen, anything is possible

It’s quite obvious what the biggest advantage of white linen is: its adaptability. Linen in white simply goes with every imaginable style of furnishing, blends smoothly into the overall picture of any room and can be combined with any colour. Those who choose white linen bedding can be sure that it can be used in a consistently beautiful way – even if personal tastes and bedroom furnishings change. So with white linen, you not only buy beautiful bedding, but you also ensure that you keep all options open for the future. A valuable possibility, given that change is human and you never know for sure what life has in store for you. For this reason, linen in white is not only something for people whose style is already settled, but also appeals to the impulsive, the uncertain and the quick-change artists among us. With white linen bedding, you play it safe and at the same time you are completely free to experiment however you like.

Combination ideas: Style inspiration for furnishing with white linen

The fact that anything is possible with linen in white makes it difficult for some people to decide on bedroom decor. We would like to share some inspirational ideas to show you examples of how white linen bedding can be used to create a room that is bursting with style.

Lovely and charming – White linen and the country cottage style

There is a very close connection between linen and the country cottage style. The smooth yet visually slightly rough texture of linen radiates pure naturalness in its own way and is therefore something that can be wonderfully imagined in a small, rural country house bedroom. Typically rustic is natural wooden furniture, with perhaps even knotholes and the structure of the wood clearly visible. When white, brilliant linen is added, the result is an incredibly charming look that combines robustness with discreet elegance. For the ultimate farmhouse look, we recommend our white bedding with buttons: the untreated wooden buttons go well with light wooden furniture, whereas the brown coconut buttons with floral details complement darker furnishings.

white linen pillowcases cottage style

Modern and clean – White linen for a futuristic look

If you want a very modern, clean-cut style of furnishing, you might not necessarily think of linen at first. However, experience clearly shows: linen and a clean, minimalist look are by no means mutually exclusive. Especially not when it comes to pure white textiles. Combined with white matt or dencent shimmering furniture, a few ultra-modern metallic elements and lots of straight lines, white bedding sets the scene in an almost futuristic way. In accordance with the concept of minimalism, the linen bedding can be ordered with a practical zip. This way, you get a completely modest textile that subtly rounds off the overall appearance of your modern bedroom.

Creative and playful – An interplay of contrasts with white linen

Especially for those who like to experiment with strong colour accents, white linen is perfect. It is a pure, unblemished canvas that can be used as the basis for any colour adventure, no matter how daring. If the aim is to create a particularly cheerful, lively ambience, the linen bedding can be combined with cushions, curtains and accessories in bright, radiant colours – such as sunshine-yellow, orange, pink or spring-green. The end result becomes somewhat more elegant when darker colours come into play: We are thinking of petrol, aubergine, wine-red or mustard-yellow. If, on the other hand, you opt for muted colours that tend towards pastel – for example lime-green, rosé or baby-blue – the result is a lovely look that is pleasing to the eye. You see: In terms of colour, you can enjoy unlimited freedom with white linen bedding.

furnishing white linen bedding modern bedroom decor with linen

Pure nature – White linen for a maximum natural look

People who buy linen bedding often attach great importance to natural living and do not want to do without a good dose of “pure nature” in the bedroom either. Even more than dyed linen, linen in white radiates naturalness with every single fibre, making it the ideal “partner in crime” when creating a 100% natural bedroom look. Wooden furniture with a natural finish, curtains and other textile accessories made of linen, floors made of real wood or with a wood-like effect, ceramic vases and large windows that let natural sunlight into the room are considered great furnishing items alongside if a thoroughly natural style is desired. And not to forget: lots of plants. It’s a lucky coincidence that the pure white of linen goes perfectly with the lush green of many leafy plants. This means that nothing stands in the way of creating a bedroom full of natural power.

Quick test: Is white the right colour choice for you?

Unsure if white linen is really the right choice? No problem! Here are some questions that can help you decide:

farmhouse style white linen cottage country style linen
  • Is naturalness a factor of great importance to you when it comes to furnishings?
  • Are you still undecided about the colour scheme of your bedroom?
  • Would you describe your style as changeable and flexible?
  • Do you love elegance, subtlety and minimalism?
  • You don’t want your bed linen to limit your decor options?
  • Are you looking for bedding that can stay with you for many years, no matter how your style evolves?

If the answer to most of these questions is “yes”, you are definitely well advised to use white bed linen. Take a look around our shop and order your new white linen bedding in any size – even made-to-measure!

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